Sunday, February 25, 2007

the secret challenge

After watching 2 suspiciously inspirational episodes of Oprah, on which The Secret was revealed and discussed, I have to admit; I'm intrigued.

So, Andy Wibbels, the reining expert on blogging for business, is running a 30 day challenge. The idea is that participants view the movie, write down their goals and spend 30 days immersed in living and breathing only affirmative, positive thoughts and actions in order to reach their goals.

The concept behind the movie, The Secret , isn't really much of a secret. It actually stems from The Law of Attraction, and is not some mind-blowing, earth-shattering theory; it's the belief that the thoughts you think and the way you act impact, or attract, certain events in your life. For people who aren't familiar with it, you can read up on it here.

I'm committing to the challenge for 30 days, and if it works - Yeah!!! If it doesn't, the most I've done is spent 30 days thinking positive thoughts in an effort to improve my life. This is my kind of challenge, because something good comes out of it either way.

If you want to join the challenge: The Secret Movie 30 Day Challenge with Andy Wibbels

Saturday, February 24, 2007

ruff night*

Some background info:
(*all names mentioned in this blog have been, and will continue to be, falsified to protect the innocent)
I have two roommates, Martha* and Belle* and we live with 2 dogs, Martha's dog Robert* and my dog, Grumpy*. Belle is like Robert's 2nd mom/doggie "aunt" and takes care of him when Martha's traveling, etc. On the nights when Martha's boyfriend sleeps over, Robert usually sleeps with Belle. (As a result of my decidedly single status, my dog rarely ever sleeps anywhere other than with me.) Last night Belle took off to go see Music and Lyrics (see below for her review), and I went out for dinner and drinks with my friend T*. I got home around midnight, a few minutes before Belle. Martha and BF were asleep, so Robert was anxiously waiting for Belle to go to bed.

Fast forward to 4am. I was sitting on the toilet peeing (TMI???) and saw a flash of gray out of the corner of my eye. Robert was sitting next to me, and appeared to be shaking, which I figured was due to my sleep/alcohol induced haze. I scooped Robert up and went back to bed only to find that she was, in fact, shaking, which quickly turned into convulsions, accompanied by panting and drooling. By 4:30am I was both furious and concerned, I definitely didn't want Martha's dog dying on my watch, but I DID want to get some sleep. Robert hopped down off the bed, paced around the room for a minute, started coughing like an 80 year old COPD patient, stopped, and then got back up on the bed, good as new. I could have questioned the miraculous recovery, but opted to ignore it and get some sleep.

I woke up at 7:30am (on a Saturday, ugh!) because Martha and BF were getting ready to go skiing. As I stepped out of bed, I looked down at the floor and discovered the reason for Robert's instantaneous recovery 3 hours earlier.

On my rug was, not only the LARGEST pile of dog throw-up I have ever seen, but poop. LOTS of poop. The poop of three dogs. It was disgusting and at the same time, amazing.

Needless to say I threw the rug out.

Belle's review of Music and Lyrics: " was a good movie....definitely a chick flick" Apparently Hugh Grant has a really good voice. Who knew?)

Friday, February 23, 2007

so many thoughts...

so little recollection. I should probably start out by welcoming you to my life, thoughts, quirky viewpoints and everything else uniquely "me". I've learned that if you're going to coming along with me for the ride, it really is best to keep all arms and legs inside the at all times.

But, seriously, I was at work today and stumbled across an article about the first ever SecondLife millionaire. You can read about it here. I might be alone in thinking that the amount of money moving through this virtual reality world, on any given day, is all-together kind of frightening. In the last 24 hours alone $1,568,147 was spent in this not-so-real world. Is our world/planet/society bad enough that we are freely opening our wallets to opportunities that exist only in our imaginations?